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When you hear the word "mascot", most of us think about a sporting event and that funny big chicken walking around looking silly. A person wearing a mascot costume is seen in most stadiums during a game, but few of us have thought about what goes into designing and making that costume. How do you design a comfortable mascot costume?


Mascots have become so common, they even have a following. Mascots have fans that wait for them to come on the field or stage and cheer when they appear. Many teams and schools are identified by their mascot. When you see a particular mascot dressed in his distinctive costume, you think of the team or school he represents.

Many mascots are for entertainment value. They can appear before the game or during a break, like halftime, to entertain the audience. Many people will attend a game or event just to see what the mascot will be doing that day. When a game seems to be going slowly or dragging, the mascot can appear making everyone attending happy and having fun again. They are funny and fans remember their antics long after the event.

The mascot is usually silly and seems to be moving around with ease; but he or she can be wearing a heavy costume that, sometimes, may have little ventilation. Most of us forget that there is a person inside the costume. The person wearing the costume must be taken into consideration when the mascot's outfit is constructed.

Professional team's budgets allow them to spend more on their mascot's costume so many of them may be wearing a costume that is made with lighter material and the person is able to breathe. The way the mascot costume is made has a lot to do with how easily the person moves around and how long the person can wear the costume. When a team or organization is planning to employee someone to wear the mascot costume, agility and strength of the person wearing the costume is a prerequisite for the job.

There are some concerns before constructing a new costume. The climate where the costume will be worn should be taken into consideration. If the weather is warm, lighter material should be used. If the weather is warm and turns cold, the costume will need to have ways to remove or add material to keep the person inside warm or cool.


Fiberglass can be used to construct the head because it is light. Visibility from inside the head will be important to the design. If the person wearing the costume taweez has to move around, he will need good visibility for safety.

The body of the suit can be sewn with various materials, such as polyester, cotton, or denim. A small battery operated fan is often built into the body of the suit to keep the person wearing the custom cool during warmer months. If the body of the suit is constructed loosely, the person will get less warm.

If you are having someone off site design the mascot costume, agree on a cost that includes design and material. When you find someone to design it, get a guarantee that it will be an original. You will want your organization to have a mascot costume that is unique to your organization. When the costume is finished, you will want to own all rights to the design. Ask the designer, or person constructing the costume, to incorporate the colors of your organization in the fabric of the costume. The colors on the costume will be as identifiable as the mascot itself.

Materials you will need, if you are planning to design and construct the costume yourself, are the same as you would use for any sewing project. Other considerations will be to construct the suit large enough for air to pass around the person wearing the suit; polyester fill to make the costume look larger than life; Velcro for ease in getting in and out of the costume; and cardboard or fiberglass for the head.

Most mascot costumes can only be worn for a maximum of 40 minutes at a time. The person inside the suit should be hydrated before putting it on. Mascots should be accompanied with another person as a guide or handler. More than one person may be needed, depending on the size the crowd and the event.

Turning into the next college mascot is enough to scare most freshmen off. However, if you're brave enough to attempt becoming the symbol for your institution, there's a way to ensure it happens for you. Getting arranged before auditions is the most important part of your journey. If you're the type to wait till the day before to get your act together, this job isn't for you. Another similarly important part of getting physically ready is taking one or two gymnastics lessons. Having previous acrobatic coaching will definitely give you an advantage but simply getting a back handspring down will go miles at your tryouts. Find a local instructor or class to enroll in right away. Stop and ask yourself if you've got the personality to go with the moves? If people describe you to be outgoing, daring, friendly and reckless you may be the ideal fit for a mascot. Remember, college mascots are tasked with the job of mingling. If approaching strangers agrees with you, you may be an ideal fit.


Now that you have what it takes to continue to get ready for tryouts, it's time to work on your skit. Having the ideal mascot skit, means knowing and understanding what the judges are after. The reality is that nobody wants to need to babysit the mascot. School mascots should be able to independently work on their lonesome. Proving to the judges that you are able to manage yourself will certainly help in winning you votes. Study a number of skits found online and find the one that will boost you to the apex of the bunch. Skits should be creative and unique. Having a previous mascot help you choreograph your skit is also a smart idea. Do not forget to keep your music upbeat and something that will urge the fans to their feet.


The final thing which will help you join the long bequest of school mascots is getting proactive. If you are unsure what that suggests precisely, it is just a fancy way of showing the judges that you are on the ball. School mascots aren't only there to entertain the bunch they also help in the sales of college accessories and other spirit items. Come up with a plan to not only buy spirit items, but sell them in an effectual manner. Some providers basically have a program where you order the items and pay for them as the high school year advances and the money starts rolling in. Having a technique to helping out financially as a mascot will knock the judges off their feet. Whatever, you do to become the subsequent mascot have fun!